We have a multidisciplinary approach to selectively record and manipulate neural activity of genetically specified populations of neurons.


Brain Slice Electrophysiology

Slice preparation is an electrophysiological technique that allows for the study of synapses or neural circuits in isolation from the rest of the brain, in controlled physiological conditions. It involves stimulating and/or recording from a slice of brain tissue immersed in artificial cerebrospinal fluid. 



ELISAs (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays)

ELISAs are a plate-based assay technique designed for detecting and quantifying peptides, proteins, antibodies and hormones. We utilize them to measure serum levels of corticosterone (Enzo) and estradiol (Abcam).

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Viral-mediated Gene Transfer

Viral vectors are a key technology for neuroscience research, allowing delivery of genes into the brain to manipulate brain function. In addition to their speed and cost advantages, viruses can be delivered with spatial and temporal specificity, and in some cases can be engineered to produce cell-type specificity of expression.



Animal Behavior

Video tracking systems for measuring multiple behaviors.  This setup utilizes Ethovision (Noldus Technologies) for real-time tracking of mouse behavior.  This includes the additional three point tracking module for measuring of social behaviors.  This system is utilized for automated measurements of social interaction, forced swim test and social recognition.